Is it really necessary to conduct employment background checks?

diligent screeningAs an employer you might wonder if the costs and regulations associated with Employment Screening are really worth it.

The benefits of thoroughly screening new hires are numerous. A background check can provide you with a truer picture of who you are bringing into your organization than any resume or interview my reveal.

Criminal behavior

The main reason most hiring managers run background checks on applicants is to uncover possible criminal history. Recent criminal convictions related to theft, drug or violence may mean that this person is not appropriate for certain positions.

Whatever your policy on hiring and criminal records, being fully aware of who you are hiring is crucial to the well being of your company.

Research shows that untrustworthy employees steal about $50 billion annually from their own employers. It’s no wonder that employee theft causes a third of all business bankruptcies.

Workplace violence is also on the rise. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that  “Workplace homicides rose by 2 percent, to 417 cases in 2015, with shootings increasing by 15 percent, the first increase since 2012. ( making homicide the 4th leading cause of workplace deaths.

Violent behavior or dishonest tendencies cannot often be predicted, but a performing a criminal background check pre-hire will give you valuable insight to safeguard your assets, clients and employees.

Employee qualifications

Conducting a background check is more than simply investigating criminal records. Verification and reference checks remain a vital aspect of background checks. This may include checking with colleges, universities, as well as former employers to ensure that a candidate has the necessary education and experience.

A 2015 research by Statistic Brain revealed that fifty-three percent of resumes and job applications contain false information.

By conducting verifications and reference checks you can ensure that a candidate meets all requirements for a position as stated in their resume. With a thorough screening, you will be able to sniff out the fibs, differentiating honest applicants, from the ones that aren’t.


As you conduct criminal background checks and strive for a safe work environment, you will improve your reputation and your applicant pool.

Your Company’s high expectations for conduct and honesty will be seen as a show of regard and concern for the well-being of your employees, customers and associates.

On the other hand, the liability for failing to do so, and thus unwittingly exposing others to harm, can be too catastrophic for most companies to ever recover from.

Peace of Mind

A business is only as good as its employees. You do everything to ensure the success of your company; hiring honest, qualified staff should be your first priority. This alone can give you the peace of mind needed for the smooth and efficient running of your organization.

Screening every new hire may turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made for your business.



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