6 Unique Interview Questions

Nov 6, 2017

The object of these questions is to gauge the candidate’s identity, mentality, qualities, and convictions to figure out whether he/she will be a good fit for your company. They are intended to get beneath the surface and get to know the applicant on an individual level.

1. Tell me your story​.

This open request, leaves a wide scope in what the candidate shares and can give you great insight into her personality. Does she discuss her family or just herself? Does she talk about her personal life or does she keep the focus on career? Does she blabber on incessantly? How good are her verbal communication skills?

2. Let’s play a word game

Pick a few terms and words that describe your company and the occupation itself, and request that the applicant share her first reaction after hearing each word. This question helps you evaluate the candidate’s intuitive feelings about the position and your company.

3. What is the greatest misguided judgment people have about you?

His answer will be a good predictor of what his personal brand will be at work and how his teammates will view him.

4. What would you not like to be doing in five years?

As opposed to asking the standard “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Flip it around and ask what the candidate wouldn’t like to be doing. This will tell you the sort of work or condition that will be demotivating to the person.

 5. What are your biggest annoyances at work?​ 

On the off chance that her aggravations are common in your working environment, you can be sure that she will encounter dissatisfaction in the position.

 6. Who are your role models in life?​

His answer to this question will provide insight into what traits he values and strives to develop in himself.


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