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What does a background check consist of?

A Background Check can be basic or very comprehensive, depending on the employer’s requirements. At the very least, it must include a SSN Trace for address history and a search of the County Courts in those jurisdictions for relevant criminal records. A National Criminal Database Search, Federal Criminal Records Check and Sex Offender Search are the add-ons we often recommend.
Depending on the position, other searches may also be conducted; such as verifications of education/employment, financial and credit history, driving records and drug screening.

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How long does a background check take?

Diligent Screening Services makes every effort to avoid the bottlenecks that lead to delays in turnaround time, and aims to provide results within 24 hours.

Due to our extensive network of dedicated court researchers, in every county in the U.S. Diligent Screening returns over 78% of orders on the same day they’re requested. However, some courts do not offer self-service computers, and require that searches be performed by the clerks themselves, on a first come, first serve basis. The turnaround time for these counties is on average 3 days.

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What is a Federal Criminal Records Search?

A Federal Criminal Records Check looks for offenses committed at the Federal level. Including but not limited to, tax evasion, smuggling, kidnapping, and forgery. These records are only found at the US Federal District Courts and do not extend to County Court level.

What is a Sanctions Check?

A Sanctions check is a unique and a specialized way of searching which includes checking through a government sanction databases which help them in identifying prohibitions on individuals from certain activities or industries.
Sanctions checks are performed by many employers and are required checks in the healthcare and financial services industries.

What is an SSN Trace?

An SSN Trace is a database search of credit and consumer data repositories.

It is only to be used as a research tool, to help us find possible addresses and aliases used by the consumer, to ensure a more thorough Criminal Check.

Why does the SSN Trace results say, 'can not be validated'?

On June 25, 2011 the SSA switched to a new system called Randomization. The new system was designed in effort to prevent identity theft but it makes it impossible for databases, like the SSN Trace to determine whether or not a SSN has been issued if it was issued after the program went into effect.

Does the National Database uncover records from all of the U.S?

No. A criminal records database should only be used as a research tool, and not as standalone background check. Only a portion of counties report to these databases, and the information is often outdated or incomplete. However adding it as a supplement to the SSN Trace and County Criminal searches increase the probability of finding possible convictions. Any possible records found in a database search, are verified at the county court level before being reported to employers, as required by the FCRA.

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How do I order a background check ?

Active users have several options for accessing our system and ordering and retrieving background check reports. Background Checks can be ordered by users, via our Applicant Screening Platform (ASP), or through an integration with an ATS system. Orders can also be submitted by email or fax, or by the applicants themselves via our QuickApp Applicant Portal.

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What if I want the Candidate to initiate the background check?

Our QuickApp feature allows you, or us, to send an applicant a request for a background check, as easy as 1-2-3.

All that is needed is to enter the applicant’s name and email address and the system does the rest. All necessary information, including legally required forms and disclosures are obtained from the applicant electronically. Once the forms are e-signed, the order is automatically placed, and we begin processing the background check.

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What searches do you recommend as a basic package?

For a basic criminal background check for entry level employment, we recommend at the very least, the basic package below.

  • SSN Trace
  • County Criminal Searches on jurisdictions and aliases revealed
  • National Criminal Database

However, our clients find that with our affordable package options they are able to run a comprehensive check for less than other companies charge for their value packages.


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