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Are You Complying with the New Background Check Laws?

The process of vetting and hiring the most suitable employees for your organization, while simultaneously maintaining the safety and integrity of your business, can be complicated. New Ban-the-Box laws have both enhanced and further complicated the matter by...

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Data Security Requirements – Is Your Business Compliant?

Every business has to deal with private data at one time or another. Most companies, at a minimum, handle personnel files or customer data, in order to perform their business functions. Recent media reports about data breaches, show us that privacy and data security...

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4 Reasons Why You Need to be Screening Your Employees

Is it really necessary to conduct employment background checks? As an employer you might wonder if the costs and regulations associated with Employment Screening are really worth it. The benefits of thoroughly screening new hires are numerous. A background check can...

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9 Steps Employers Must Take When Running Background Checks

On our previous blog post, we discussed how Background check results can be compromised during the order entry process and gave you some tips to follow when placing background orders. If you missed it, you can Read it here! Now we will delve into other solutions to a...

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6 Unique Interview Questions

 The object of these questions is to gage the candidate's identity, mentality, qualities, and convictions to figure out whether he/she will be a good fit for your company. They are intended to get beneath the surface and get to know the applicant on an individual...

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Is Your Applicant Lying?

When you’ve processed as many background checks as I have, you start  seeing a pattern in the lies applicants tell when filling out an application. Sure, we all tell little white lies on occasion but to employers, dishonest employees are more than just an annoyance,...

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National Criminal Database – Employers Beware!

Employers seeking to secure their companies by screening new employees with a thorough Background Check often inquire about the National Criminal Database search. And too often, my response disappoints them. The National Criminal Database is not as “national” as the...

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